Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Be With You

I don't know if it's because I'm laying an egg or what,
but I decided I like David Archuleta. I never disliked him, but
I never liked him--he was kind of irrelevant to my music taste UNTIL
I heard his song tonight called 'To Be With You' that is completely
relevant to my life. Completely. unequivocally. relevant. just as relevant
as 'Back that thang up' used to be to me(syke).

On a more serious note, I saw the saddest thing today. Some girl was
beatboxing at the women's basketball game during halftime at my University and she got 'shushed' by some old lady behind her... MODED! Oh ya, that girl was me. Note to self:
Old people may seem sweet and innocent, but in reality--they're just bitter
and jealous. They're just bitter and jealous. They're just bitter and jealous....

I know I'm just stereotyping.

My natural reaction was to turn to my individualist-raised side of me, (that 'don't take no disrespect from no one' side of me) and shush her back accompanied with the evil-eye.
Then my life went on a 'That's So Raven' fastforward splurge to what my life would be like a few moments ahead of my decision to obey Newton's third law of action and reaction. Calmingly, I saw the much effective and ancient practice of the Polynesian sasa on my face. "Turn the other cheek, Kristin."-I whispered.
Ok Aunty I sorry, I put the mic down.