Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just call me Samantha Brown...

Upon graduating from high school (june of 2008) I have lived in:

Dallas, Texas

Provo, Utah

Laie, Hawaii

the beautiful city of
HOTlanta, Georgia

I have visited
Antigua, West Indies (Caribbean)

Lake Powell... Page, Arizona

and I just found out that this weekend My Mother and I are driving to....

drumroll paleez


Chicago, Illinois

Home of her

and other favorite celebrities such as Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Chris Farley and Bill Murray. And other celebrities that I refuse to talk to such as Kanye "ruin Taylor Swifts precious moment" West.

Anyway, just call me the next Samantha Brown. Not because I AM brown, but because I'm pretty sure I can keep up with her and I want her job so bad. If you don't know who she is by now you better google her because you're missing out my friend. My mom and I are driving tomorrow morning to Chi-town and its an 11 hour drive. I get to drive through Tennesse, Kentucky and Indiana to get to our destination.


You tell 'em sir.


Also I'm trying this "One Week Challenge" to stay off Facebook for a week, so I will probably be blogging more. So far it's pretty hard, especially since I can see who has written me through notifications on my e-mail. Meh. oh well. Anyher, I still miss Hawaii so bad and can't wait to go back in January.

Man being with my Mom since being away from her for so long has made me realize exactly how much we are ALIKE it is crazy. More to come I just have to remind myself what my next post will be. signing off.... your brown skinned Samantha Brown.

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